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Humble Bundle part 3

by on Jul.27, 2011, under Software

And here we go again (and again!)!

Get 5 games, donate to charity / the EFF, and support developers at the same time. Or only get the games. Or only support the EFF. Or whatever 😉
Do it now! Humble Bundle 3 is here!

The games this time: Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight, and And Yet It Moves.

The last one has an interesting graphics style: it looks like it’s all put together from ripped up magazines.

As for weird graphics, the first one features drawings made of crayons… which you draw yourself!
Here’s a video of it:

Crayon Physics Deluxe from Petri Purho on Vimeo.

The rest you’ll have to find out for yourself.
Did I mention you get them on Steam / Desura as well for that price? 😉

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Humble Bundle Part 2!

by on Dec.16, 2010, under Software

Obviously when something is really successfull there will be a second version of it.
Whether the motive is pure profit or for the greater good of $omething, I can only applaud it.
Especially when they promote DRM free games on linux. (and they provide the mac and win32 versions with it as well)
So The Humble Bundle is back with part 2!

This time the games offered are: Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos, Revenge of the Titans.
Just Machinarium alone is worth the money (if you like puzzle games and artsy graphics), and the others that I’ve played so far are good as well.
Some games are still being developed (Revenge of the Titans), but you’re eligible for future updates. (last time they even added the bundle to Steam after a while).

Like the previous Humble Bundle, YOU get to choose how much you want to pay them.
This obviously means that if you’re a windows user you pay less than when you’re a mac or linux user 😉
And then you get to decide how much of that money goes to charity (EFF / Child’s Play) and how much of it goes to the developers. (and how much the humble bundle guys get… for bandwidth etc I’m sure).

So go get it!. Even if you don’t care about the games, you can give some money to the EFF instead 🙂

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The Humble Indie Bundle

by on May.05, 2010, under Software

Hej folks.

The guys over at Wolfire Games have a sweet deal this week if you’re into fun cross platform indy games.
It’s simple: you go over to the Humble Bundle, determine how much you would like to pay for a bundle of DRM free, cross platform (Linux, Mac OSX and Windows) games and on top of that you also get to say who gets how much of the money (the developers, EFF or Child’s Play).
Isn’t that sweet?

The games are good too, we’re talking about World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, and Penumbra.

So go over to the Humble Bundle and get yourself a copy while paying them what you think it’s worth!
I did 🙂

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