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Irssi Nectarine

And it’s back! I finally bothered to rewrite it after the tool being broken for a few years due to nectarine crashing/losing backups/molesting the site and switching owners a few times.
This script is based on the old script me and a friend wrote a couple of years ago.

What it is

An Irssi script to show you what’s currently playing and will be playing soon on a.k.a. Nectarine.


As usual this thing is written in perl, but it needs a few perl modules.

  • Perl 5.10, since I’m starting to like certain new operators they introduced
  • XML::LibXML (to parse the information we get from the backend)

So it’s only 1 module for now, which most systems probably have by default. On Pokemon OS you can simply apt-get install libxml-libxml-perl and be done with it.
Failing that because the repositories are once again tebarste you could try through CPAN:

benv@laptop:~:0> cpanp 'i XML::LibXML'


Since the script actually contains a few helper scripts you will need to make sure Irssi can load all of them.
First untar the tarball (into your homedir or whatever) and then copy or symlink the script and the lib dir into your irssi’s scripts directory.

benv@janeman:~$ wget
100%[========================================================================>] 11,926 --.-K/s in 0.04s
benv@janeman:~$ shasum irssi_necta-0.01.tar.bz2
62f7c4994750dac154807f2be43c85a8d2020182 irssi_necta-0.01.tar.bz2
# compare the shasum if you care
benv@janeman:~$ tar jxf irssi_necta-0.01.tar.bz2
benv@janeman:~$ mkdir -p ~/.irssi/scripts
benv@janeman:~$ cd .irssi/scripts/
benv@janeman:~/.irssi/scripts$ ln -s ~/irssi_necta-0.01/
benv@janeman:~/.irssi/scripts$ ln -s ~/irssi_necta-0.01/lib/

Next, load the script inside Irssi, and have fun!

benv@janeman:~$ irssi
# *IRSSI* Yadieyada
[(status)] /script load necta


  • 10-04-2019: Version 0.02. Bugfix on the timeleft calculation. Meh..
  • 10-04-2019: Version 0.01. First release. Shows currently playing (in statusbar) and queue info.


Version 0.01:

Necta Irssi v0.01

Necta Irssi v0.01


[Download not found]
[Download not found]

Known bugs

  • V0.02: Nothing that isn’t cosmetic 🙂
  • V0.01: The timeleft provided by the backend is not entirely accurate (in fact, sometimes it’s off by several minutes!) which might give some weird information and queue updates. However, most of the time they are good enough.

If you find any bugs that aren’t mentioned here, please let me know at