BenV's notes

As a long time slackware user I often build packages myself. One reason for that is that slackware doesn’t have packages for a lot of useful things, but that’s a good thing 🙂

Anyway, at some point the whole unpack, chown, configure, make riddle gets a bit boring. Especially if you have to chase around 234897 dependencies that slackware doesn’t have. Of course one could say “run ubuntu” or whatever your flavor of OS is, but I don’t want that. Slackware is nice and clean, just the way I like it. Ubuntu is good for your puny webserver at home, gentoo cute for your gaming rig that doesn’t run any decent games (since there aren’t any) and you can have FreeBSD on your “it doesn’t work anyway” toy hobby machine, all because they’re superior in some ways, but that won’t convince me to change my own machines. Over here we run Slackware 🙂

So to make the boring a bit easier I wanted to script up something that does these things for me. That quickly went downhill when I started a script with “Let’s see what commandline options I need”. So when I started writing another script from scratch (yes, perl, duh) I ignored commandline options for a while. Went a lot better this time, except for the issues I had with the piece of crap garbage kanker called “dialog”. Yeah, it’s a nice tool, but it could have been soooo much nicer. It will probably be replaced soon by my own piece of garbage internally, but that’s for later.

New versions will be announced here, and maybe on other places later when I find the script good enough for public use. Until then, don’t be surprised if it chowns your root partition to /dev/kanker or sets your piece of cardboard on fire, whether Nvidia or ATI.

Bug reports and suggestions are somewhat welcome… but only if you’re not a moron.