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First things first:
This site contains many things that might/will offend you. If you can’t handle that, piss off >>>now<<<, close your browser and jump in a lake (drowning optional).


Posts here are stuff that BenV ran into and somehow annoyed him or wanted him to scribble it down so it’s easily remembered. It might be useful for you, it might piss you off. Have fun! (or die, this server doesn’t love you)


As mentioned there are a bunch of rants here, but also some possibly interesting notes on software and other computer related stuff. Not only are there notes, but BenV also writes the occasional script/tool/quick hack/piece of garbage that might be up for download! Yes, that’s right: you can now download some fantastic computer-raping raping utilities that will brighten up your life. Especially if your name is BenV 🙂


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