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IE Fascism

by on Aug.25, 2011, under Software

Obviously dealing with windows isn’t my favorite, but it comes along as part of the job.

Today my boss wanted to view some car site in internet exploder, because “Some sites don’t show properly in Firefox, Internet Explorer does a better job sometimes”. So I was like “You mean garbage sites that still write IE specific html… oh never mind, show it :)”

First he showed his problem in Firefox. As far as I’m concerned it looked like a failing search engine on the site and nothing html related, but whatever. (continue reading…)

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Flashblock for opera

by on May.23, 2010, under Software

Another note in case I forget.
Since allowing flash by default slows browsing (and my PC) to a crawl, this nifty little script converts all flash content on a page to a flash icon.
Download it, stash it in your opera UserJS dir. (See Preferences -> Advanced -> Content -> Javascript Options -> User JavaScript Folder). (continue reading…)

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Windows Default Tools installation – Ninite

by on Mar.10, 2010, under Software

Windows and Ninite

So after the Adobe Cancer experience yesterday I still had to install a bunch of other things for the helpless windows user.
After I was done with most of that (of course, the good stuff always comes too late) I ran into this tool: Ninite.
They call it “The easiest way to get apps”. Well, from the screenshots it certainly looks that way. No cruft like toolbars and updaters and junk installed, just the application. (continue reading…)

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The Adobe Cancer

by on Mar.09, 2010, under Morons, Software

They’ve managed to piss me off once more.
I had to do a windows reinstall (XP of course) for some idiots that fubar-ed their machine, so after the usual install, 5 million windows updates, service packs, reboots and firefox install I figured I should probably install flash for them.
How hard can it be to install Adobe Flash? (continue reading…)

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by on Jul.31, 2009, under Software

In case I forget it again, the !@#$()*@$%*#$ product called “flash” has a 64 bit plugin at

Works in opera, just trash it into /usr/lib/opera/plugins…. why is that /usr/lib and not lib64? It’ll also use it from the mozilla dir, /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins.

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