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by on Jul.22, 2011, under Fun, Morons

This just made my day.

First I read on slashdot that their insurer sues them, and personally I hope they win because of Sony’s incompetence regarding their ‘security’. Not that I like insurance companies much, so they can burn as well… which makes this almost perfect. In a lawsuit only the lawyers win, so once those lawyers die in a fire this will be perfect. (continue reading…)

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Sony and their PSN

by on Jun.08, 2011, under Fun, Morons

I don’t like Sony much … in fact, I pretty much hate them and have to laugh every time I read a new post about them being hacked in whatever form.
No, you can’t feel sorry for corporations. Let alone corporations that fuck you over every chance they get.
That said, I do have a PS3 (running Dosbox and ScummVM among things), and I once had this PS3 connected to the PlayStation Network.

So they just sent me an email:

Sony: Playstation Store is back!

Sony: Playstation Store is back!

It says (in UTF-8 viewed through iso-8859-1):

Dear Playstation Network-user,

We are very happy that we can tell you that the access to the PlayStation-Store through PlayStation-3, PSP (PlayStation Portable) and Media Go on your PC has been completely restored.

And then they go on about what you receive as compensation (free game, free month of PlayStation Plus), but because they allegedly improved the security you have to change your password.
Then there’s a gibberish link to that I followed, hoping to be able to change my password.
This is what my browser showed:

Sony PlayStation stuff still down

Sony PlayStation stuff still down

Funny bastards 😉

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Hate Sony? Fight the cancer!

by on Feb.20, 2011, under Morons

If you’re like me you probably already hate the scumm that’s called Sony.
For installing rootkits on your pc. For taking away the ability to run linux on your PS3.
For being a Sony Cancer.
They’ve been assholes for as long as I can remember. Just check out their latest Playstation network agreement if you want to see how they trample your rights.

Anyhow, the guy being sued by them today (geohot – the one giving back linux on the ps3) has now setup a donation place to get some good lawyers.
So if you have a bit of coin to spare for a good cause, this is it. Anti Cancer! Pro Linux! What else could you want to spend your money on? 🙂

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