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Opera + Squid -> slow?!

by on Jul.28, 2010, under Software

This tiny issue showed up a while ago, and I’m not quite sure when exactly it started. It sure was very annoying.

The problem:
Start opera, then load a ton of stuff at the same time. (your 25 tabs that have to be restored for instance). What happened was that after loading a few pages
partially, the rest would completely stall.

After some cursing I found out that it only happened when I used my squid proxy. (you know, to filter out ads because they slow the stuff down).
First I figured it must be squid. Then I realized that it would be weird, since nothing really changed. Maybe the blocklist? Nope, all looked fine.

Apparently Opera only uses a limited amount of connections to the proxy, so when a few of those requests are slow (you know, because google analytics takes 6 years to get through) the requests stack up and completely halt the process. Brilliant.

Finally I found the solution in some obscure configuration panel. Look for Enable HTTP 1.1 for proxy and make sure it’s enabled. Thanks for messing that up for me opera!
Oh well, now it’s fast again. phew.

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  • maxro

    I have been having the exact same problem since I installed squid. I didn’t think the “Enable HTTP 1.1 for proxy” check box was all that hidden on Opera 10.63 anyway, in fact I clicked it (before reading this) to see if it would help which it didn’t seem to, but since restarting Opera I’m back to full power.

    Thanks, Max.

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