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Useful tools

by on Jul.27, 2009, under Boring

Lotjuh was messing around with grub2 and its config…. fun!

Anyway, a nice tool to figure out uuids of block devices: blkid. (gives a nice overview per block device… you probably need to be root for it to work though)
Alternative: findfs, so you can search for a label or uuid.

Let is be known that grub2 is a kutproduct as far as documentation is concerned… but that’s no surprise given it’s infancy status 🙂
Works pretty good so far though, once you get the grub.cfg etc right. Also works with my ext4 partition these days (required a svn up and recompile/reinstall though)

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WordPress bumps

by on Jul.27, 2009, under Software

I see I found another product that doesn’t do what I want 😉

Obviously since I use a non default browser (Opera, usually the latest beta/alpha/snapshot of the day) the themes are slightly weird.

Either that or the authors are blind, but heck, I can live with that.

So I create a post, “guess” where to fill out the subject etc (tab works wonders)  and fill out some tags.

And the fucking product creates 1 huge tag called “apache2 htaccess rewrite”. RAAH..  Of course I could learn to read and simply use comma’s … 😉

However, fixing this mess is less trivial… guess I’ll simply recreate them.

Other than that, it seems like it’s pretty decent software 🙂

Even the plugins have an auto-install, good, good. ….

KANKER, wat nou weer… oh, seems like it needs write permissions on the -entire- vhost dir. Fine, be like that.

(I figured the plugins dir would be enough)… of course a (s)ftp  fallback is nice, but I prefer the autoinstall 🙂

After a little chown it works.

Another major malfunction in this piece of garbage: somehow they expect me to be able to read and edit PHP in order to adjust my themes.

What the fuck guys, get the fuck out of here with that stupid welcome box. Yeah sure I know php, but I’m sure others don’t.  Either make it easy for your users with AJAX-y widgets etc, or hand them a php editor… (but fine, I removed it)

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Apache2, vhost config and .htaccess

by on Jul.27, 2009, under Software

As usual this doesn’t work automagically (unless you’re lazy and put AllowOverride All in your vhost configs).
Wordpress wanted RewriteEngine on, but of course this disabled itself since apache didn’t like it with my default permissions.

To allow Rewrite stuff in the .htaccess file, put ‘FileInfo’ and ‘FollowSymlinks’ (or SymLinksifOwnerMatch) in AllowOverride.

(of course putting the rewrite stuff in the vhost config is faster than the .htaccess stuff, but who cares)

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Notes intalled!

by on Jul.27, 2009, under Software

Welcome, (or not), to BenV’s notes!

Finally a place to dump rants 🙂

Still messing around with the layout etc of this place, but it should become stable real soon ™.

As you”ve probably noticed, this site is running a pretty default wordpress install. Let’s see what it turns into 🙂

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