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Steam coming to linux

by on Oct.27, 2012, under Software

More and more rumors were popping up about Steam coming to linux.
With the appearance of Windows 8 and their marketplace it’s not strange to see Steam trying to cover their asses.
If Microsoft is successful in convincing users to buy their garbage through the new M$ Marketplace Steam might lose a lot of customers.
Then again, people like me who already have a ton of stuff on steam will likely stick.
Also it’s quite likely that Steam will stay leaps ahead of the marketplace in features (cloud saves, achievements, ease of use, auto patching, etc).
Another possibly reason for Steam to go to linux is that they might be working on their own game console. If that thing works on linux that would be very interesting 🙂

Today Valve opened their Steam for Linux Beta Survey, you can find it here:
Seems like they’re trying to gather a batch of experienced linux users to try out their limited beta. In their blog post they mention 1000 users for the limited beta, so fill out the survey and cross your fingers 🙂
And if you ask me, nothing says experienced linux user like ‘Slackware linux!’ 🙂
Or if you’re on Pokemon OS you can simply wait until they open up the stuff for everyone, it can’t be long now 🙂


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