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Opera has cancer

by on May.08, 2013, under Morons, Software

If Opera continues living the way it does right now it’ll die within a few years. At least, that’s what I expect. Every new release there are more and more little nuisances. New features? Yeah, they have plenty of new garbage slowing the browser down.
Soon they’ll dump their rendering engine for Webkit. Who knows, it might even improve the browser, but then again… soon I might jump to Chrome or another piece of garbage.
I wonder why browser vendors have determined they all have to inject cancer into them. Must be contageous or something.

Anyhow, my Opera issue for today: Webfonts.
Ever seen a page rendered like this?

Opera with weird webfont

Opera with weird webfont

Well, I’ve seen it quite a lot lately. At first I figured “meh, probably a caching issue”.
And it probably is. Sometimes it renders just fine, and the next day you’re back to reading fucking windings.
Hitting shift-g to go to ‘fuck you webauthor and your terrible CSS’ mode fixes it, but these days websites usually aren’t very nice to handle when you do that.

Solution: Disable Webfonts entirely.

Opera Disable Webfonts

Opera Disable Webfonts

Simply go to: opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableWebfonts and UNCHECK the box. Save. Fixed.
Now they’ll be rendered in the fonts that you entered in your preferences:
Opera without webfonts

Opera without webfonts

Those of you who are about to complain about filing bug reports: fuck you. If bug reports were acted upon, sure. I’ve filed them before, they get silently ignored without them bothering to contact me. They can read about their bugs on my notes whenever I run into them.

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