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Time to continue our adventure into Sieve land from yesterday.

Yesterday the result was that Sieve scripts could be put in place by the system administrator and they work. Needless to say that’s cumbersome and we want users to handle it themselves.
To avoid all possible issues with opening up FTP / DAV / whatever, the clowns at Dovecot and the ietf have decided to create a new protocol for it. Currently still a draft, but it will be an official protocol called ManageSieve.

For Dovecot 1.2 it is still required to patch dovecot and then install the managesieve service. Feeling adventurous I’m going for the bleeding edge version again 😉
First the patch:

root@black:/usr/src/dovecot-sieve$ hg clone dovecot-1.2-managesieve-patch-hg
*leech leech*
# Next we create a copy of our installed dovecot that we can mess with
root@black:/usr/src/dovecot-sieve$ cd .. ; cp -ax dovecot-1.2.8 dovecot-1.2.8-patched
root@black:/usr/src$ cd dovecot-1.2.8-patched
# Apply the patch
root@black:/usr/src/dovecot-1.2.8-patched$ patch -p1 < ../dovecot-sieve/dovecot-1.2-managesieve-patch-hg/managesieve.patch patching file README.managesieve patching file dovecot-example.conf patching file src/master/child-process.c patching file src/master/child-process.h patching file src/master/listener.c patching file src/master/login-process.c patching file src/master/mail-process.c patching file src/master/main.c patching file src/master/master-settings-defs.c patching file src/master/master-settings.c Hunk #8 succeeded at 1066 (offset 8 lines). Hunk #10 succeeded at 1372 (offset 8 lines). Hunk #12 succeeded at 1397 (offset 8 lines). Hunk #14 succeeded at 1470 (offset 8 lines). Hunk #16 succeeded at 1605 (offset 8 lines). Hunk #18 succeeded at 1654 (offset 8 lines). Hunk #20 succeeded at 1696 (offset 8 lines). Hunk #22 succeeded at 1958 (offset 8 lines). patching file src/master/master-settings.h # Seems like it applied cleanly. Let's recompile it! (pick your own configure string here) root@black:/usr/src/dovecot-1.2.8-patched$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-vpopmail --with-zlib --with-bzlib --without-passwd --without-passwd-file --without-shadow --without-pam --without-checkpassword --without-bsdauth --without-ldap --without-sia --without-static-userdb --without-prefetch-userdb --without-sql --without-pgsql --without-mysql --without-sqlite --without-nss * heaps of configure output * # Clean up stuff from the old build, we want a clean build root@black:/usr/src/dovecot-1.2.8-patched$ make clean root@black:/usr/src/dovecot-1.2.8-patched$ make # Drink a cup of coffee, this could take a while root@black:/usr/src/dovecot-1.2.8-patched$ mkdir /tmp/pkg ; make DESTDIR=/tmp/pkg install ; cd /tmp/pkg ; makepkg /usr/src/packages/dovecot-1.2.8-managesieve-i386-1.tgz

After upgrading to the new dovecot package we still have to put the managesieve service into place. Which we have to build first.

root@black:~$ cd /usr/src/dovecot-sieve
root@black:/usr/src/dovecot-sieve$ hg clone dovecot-1.2-managesieve-hg
# Leech leech
root@black:/usr/src/dovecot-sieve$ cd dovecot-1.2-managesieve-hg ; ./
root@black:/usr/src/dovecot-sieve/dovecot-1.2-managesieve-hg$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-dovecot=/usr/src/dovecot-1.2.8-patched --with-dovecot-sieve=/usr/src/dovecot-sieve/dovecot-1.2-sieve-hg
# Now to compile it
root@black:/usr/src/dovecot-sieve/dovecot-1.2-managesieve-hg$ make && mkdir pkg && make DESTDIR=`pwd`/pkg install
# And create a package
root@black:/usr/src/dovecot-sieve/dovecot-1.2-managesieve-hg$ cd pkg ; makepkg /usr/src/packages/dovecot-1.2-managesieve-i386-1.tgz

Install the package and we're almost done. All that's left now is some configuration and kicking of services.
As described here the biggest thing we need to do is add managesieve to the protocols line in /etc/dovecot.conf. Like this:

protocols = imap imaps pop3 pop3s managesieve

By default this will steal port 2000 for incoming managesieve connections, but you can change that and a few other things in the dovecot.conf file if you like. Just add a section like this:

## ManageSieve settings

protocol managesieve {
# listen = *:2000
# login_executable = /usr/libexec/dovecot/managesieve-login
# mail_executable = /usr/libexec/dovecot/managesieve
# managesieve_max_line_length = 65536
managesieve_logout_format = bytes ( in=%i : out=%o )
# managesieve_implementation_string = dovecot

And obviously you need to uncomment and change whatever you want to have broken ;). I decided to stick to the defaults except for the log string.
After these changes give a good hard kick to your dovecot daemon (since the binary changed with the patch I'm sure a HUP won't cut it) and see what happens.
Don't forget to open up the managesieve port (2000 by default) in your firewall!

Let's see if it works:

root@black:~$ telnet localhost 2000
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
"SIEVE" "comparator-i;octet comparator-i;ascii-casemap fileinto reject envelope encoded-character vacation subaddress comparator-i;ascii-numeric relational regex imap4flags copy include variables body enotify environment mailbox date"
"NOTIFY" "mailto"
"VERSION" "1.0"
OK "Dovecot ready."

Looks good! Time to let users have some fun with molesting their stuff through Sieve 🙂
A quick test with the thunderbird sieve addon:

Thunderbird Sieve Plugin 1

Thunderbird Sieve Plugin 1

Note that it required me to set the TLS to 'Strict RFC style handshake' on the Sieve Options Compatibility page, otherwise it wouldn't login.
We can even molest our scripts with syntax checking, how nice:
Thunderbird Sieve plugin - edit script

Thunderbird Sieve plugin - edit script

And underwater our log shows this:

managesieve-login: Info: Login: user=, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=280.649.21.50, TLS
MANAGESIEVE( Info: Effective uid=89, gid=89, home=/home/vpopmail/domains/
MANAGESIEVE( Info: sieve-storage: using active sieve script path: /home/vpopmail/domains/
MANAGESIEVE( Info: sieve-storage: using sieve script storage directory: /home/vpopmail/domains/
MANAGESIEVE( Info: sieve-storage: relative path to sieve storage in active link:
MANAGESIEVE( Warning: sieve-storage: Active sieve script symlink /home/vpopmail/domains/ is
no symlink.
MANAGESIEVE( Info: sieve-storage: Moved active sieve script file '/home/vpopmail/domains/'
to script storage as '/home/vpopmail/domains/'
MANAGESIEVE( Info: sieve-storage: nothing to rescue /home/vpopmail/domains/
MANAGESIEVE( Info: Disconnected: Logged out bytes ( in=746 : out=1068 )

Works like a charm. And yeah, those warnings can be ignored, they're there because of my meddling with scripts yesterday. How should I know it had to be a symlink :-p
(after this session it was indeed a symlink, hitting the 'active' button made it so).

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