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Cisco webmaster skills

by on Feb.15, 2012, under Fun, Morons

Here’s a funny for today:
For some reason I needed an original firmware for a Pislink E2000, so I went to as a first guess.
After (automagically) being redirected about 2398472389347 times (first to as if there’s a linksysbymicrosoft as well, then to with a bunch of geolocation cookies, THEN because they’re really retarded a redirect to … seriously) I finally got a xhtml document. Well, they claim it’s xhtml, because the W3C Validator sure as hell doesn’t think so.

I don’t really care, the page renders fine in my browser (Opera 11.61 under Slackware 64). Next I head to support, enter ‘E2000’ in the search box. After waiting a decade for their 23984723897 items to load (ever heard of CSS sprites guys?) a box pops up.
I’ll let the image do the talking.

Cisco Linksys showing off their l33t webmaster skillz

Cisco Linksys showing off their l33t webmaster skillz


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