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by on Apr.10, 2010, under Software

When nectarine died a few years ago (or at least, that’s how I view it) with their broken harddisks, lost backups and whatnot, I gave up on the tool me and a friend of mine had written.
However, a few months ago I got back into listening to the new who got everything back up and running based on recovered data from the old Nectarine.
It seems like they did a proper job of setting up a new site, and they even provide a nice xml backend for tools like this.

So after a while I decided to revive our tool. This time I took the time to curse even more at Irssi and their script support, so I implemented the nonblocking fetcher and nectarine parser
in separate libraries. Well, isn’t that fun. Reloading those things was a problem (/script load necta wouldn’t reload those underlying libraries), but fortunately Garion helped me out here after a mail to the Irssi mailing list. Thanks Garion!

Anyway, I’ve put the first release up for download on this page:

Or a direct link to the download:
[Download not found]

Let the bug report begin 😉

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